Our 4000 sq ft shop is located in San Carlos, Ca


We use only Tsugami Swiss CNC machines
They are much tougher than your average Screw machine
24-7 non stop production runs
All our machines have bar feeders, fire systems, 1000 PSI high pressure coolant and use vegetable oil based coolants

Tsugami SS32 Swiss Screw Machines (2)
27 tools
/ 8 axis machining
Up to 32mm (1 1/4") diameter
24 tools total
7 live front tools / 5 live back tools / Full C axis front and back spindles
8000 rpm spindles front and rear

Adjustable Angular twin spindle front drilling unit 0-90 degrees
15,000 rpm rear live tool

FNB Turbo 3-36 barfeeder
1000 psi coolant

Fire system

SS32 machine running a simple part

Tsugami BE20-V Swiss Screw machine

6 axis machining
20mm  (3/4") diameter
10,000 rpm front and rear spindles
3 live front tools / C axis front spindle
Edge Minuteman 320 barfeeder
1000 psi coolant
Fire system

BE20 Running a quick part   11 second cycle time

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