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Hoffman Metal Products
is located on the San Francisco peninsula serving the  Silicon valley and surrounding areas. We specialize in Swiss CNC Screw machining and have been providing our customers with top quality parts since 1992. Parts runs from 250 up to 50,000 pieces are best suited for our machines. Smaller quantities can also be made at competitive pricing.

We can machine parts from .060 to 1.250 inches in diameter on our late model Tsugami Swiss turning centers. All our machines have a minimum of 6 axis and our 1.250 capacity machines have 8 axis machining capability.

The secondary machining capability of Swiss CNC machines combined with live tooling front and rear save you money with reduced labor cost and handling. 95% of our parts come off complete with no extra processes needed.

Many of our customers prefer to have us design their part or assist with the design for the most cost effective solution.

Industries served
* Consumer products
* Medical
* Automotive
* Electronics / Telecommunications
* Defense
* Instrumentation

Value added services
* Design
* Prototyping
* Plating
* Assembly

* Stainless
* Nickel
* Steel / Chromoly alloys
* Brass
* Copper
* Aluminum
* Plastics

All parts come off our machines complete and ready for cleaning, plating, assembling and delivery. No secondary machining processes needed saving you $.

Here's a quick video of one of our 32mm machines in action


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